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How Can I Sell A Car Privately In NSW?

In New South Wales, selling an automobile privately is a straightforward procedure. All you need is confirmation that you have the right to sell the vehicle and that the buyer has the right to register it. It doesn’t even have to be registered right now. Usually, this means you must have the car registered in […]

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Deceased Estate Motor Vehicles – If The Person Dies And Leaves A Car, Or If He Has A Car In His Will, It Must Be Sold

It can be hard to sell a car that belonged to a person who has died. In this post, we explain how an executor will sell a car that belonged to a person who has died. When a close friend or family member dies and you are put in charge of their estate, you probably […]

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What’s the Best Way to Sell Your Car for Parts?

We never know when it will happen, but every vehicle will ultimately reach the end of the road. When that happens, you’ll have to decide whether you want to sell your car for parts, give it, or park it in the woods for decades to come. The end of the journey could arrive unexpectedly. For […]

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Tips to Get Top Cash for Your Car Even If It’s No Longer Roadworthy

If you have a car in your garage that is damaged, old, or not roadworthy, then investing hundreds of dollars in repairing it makes no sense. However, you might be skeptical and cynical about the costs and paperwork involved in getting rid of that old piece of junk. And, that’s completely fine. We at Tip […]

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Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Cars are useful investments that can help you get from place to place. However, once they reach the end of their lifetime, they may end up being left in your home’s garage. Many times, old or scrap cars are left ignored in your driveway or, in some cases, thrown out to the garbage. Rather than […]

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How To Avoid Getting Scammed When Selling Your Car? Follow These Tips

With the long list of ways to sell your car these days, it can be confusing trying to find out which way is the safest. We’ve all heard of dodgy used car salesmen who underpay and even scam people. Even selling your car online has its risks, not knowing how authentic the potential Car Buyer […]

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Cash For Forklifts Newcastle We Buy All Makes & Models

For the industry leaders for Cash for Forklifts services in Newcastle, Central Coast and Hunter Region, choose Tip Top Cash for Cars. Our unrivaled service provides Free Forklift Removals and pays you exception Instant Cash sums that honour your forklift’s true value. We pay top dollar for forklifts in any condition and can effortlessly collect […]

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What Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks Can Earn You: Cash On The Spot

Should you exchange your Mitsubishi Fuso Truck for Cash? It all depends on how badly strapped for cash, you are. Business isn’t going very well for Truckies right now. As property prices have fallen, so has the economy. But if you own a Truck – particularly a Mitsubishi Fuso Truck – we will give you […]

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Scrap Your Car And Make Top Cash In Newcastle

Got a car stowed away in your garage that’s pretty much useless? Why not turn it into instant cash with Tip Top Cash for Cars? We are a Scrap Car Removal company that will happily buy your old, decrepit, junk car for top cash. Get Cash for Cars Newcastle Today If you’ve got a car […]

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Remove Your Damaged Car And Get Top Cash From Newcastle

If you live in Newcastle, you can say goodbye to paying to have your Damaged Car taken to the landfill. Why? Tip Top Cash for Cars Newcastle provides Free Damaged Car Removals and pays up to $6,999 in Instant Cash for Cars no matter how damaged your vehicle is. What’s better is that our Car for […]

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