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How Can I Sell A Car Privately In NSW?

In New South Wales, selling an automobile privately is a straightforward procedure. All you need is confirmation that you have the right to sell the vehicle and that the buyer has the right to register it. It doesn’t even have to be registered right now.

Usually, this means you must have the car registered in your name to sell it, and the buyer must have a valid Australian driver’s license.

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So keep Reading To Find Out How To Sell Your Automobile Privately In NSW

Person-to-Person Selling

The most frequent approach to selling your car in New South Wales is to sell it to another motorist. A person-to-person sale is another term for this.

Advertising your automobile is common in person-to-person automotive sales. For instance, posting the vehicle online or in a newspaper ad are standard options, as is posting a “For Sale” sign on your windscreen.

Online advertising alternatives continue to expand, with companies such as, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, and many others offering a combination of free and paid Ads.

You then wait for a potential buyer to contact you after you have advertised.

Examination and Test Drive

When someone expresses interest in your vehicle, they will most likely want to see it in person and test drive it.

Depending on the buyer’s experience, they may wish to involve a third person, such as a buddy with more car-buying expertise. They could also seek expert aid.

An NRMA pre-purchase examination comprises a complete evaluation of your car to ensure the buyer understands exactly what they are getting, including any underlying faults.

As the seller, you can accept or decline any of these inspection requests, but doing so would imply that you are attempting to conceal something.

You should also give the potential buyer a test drive to show them how well the automobile handles on the road. Just be sure they have a valid driver’s license and are legally permitted to drive.

Car Removal

Making Registration Sales and Transfers

Following an inspection and test drive, the buyer will accept your pricing or bargain if they believe you have overcharged it.

Once you have agreed on pricing, you will need to decide on a payment method, usually cash or bank transfer. After you have received the money, you must properly dispose of your automobile. 

This is accomplished by completing the Notice of Disposal documentation on the back of the registration papers. In addition, you enter the sale price and buyer information here.

Following that, you must submit this notice of disposal to Service NSW so that they can amend their records as to who owns and registers the car.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Private Car Sales

Selling your car privately through the above methods has some advantages and disadvantages.

On the plus side, if your vehicle still operates, you can earn the most money. However, finding a buyer for a faulty car will be extremely difficult unless the vehicle is a rare collector.

This means you may have an undesired automobile sitting in your yard until it is purchased.

A More Rapid Option

Finding a private buyer can be difficult if your automobile is in poor condition, does not run, or is an insurance write-off. In that circumstance, your only viable choice is to sell to a car wrecker like Tip Top Cash For Cars.

This is considerably easier than a person-to-person transaction, but depending on the automobile, you may get less.

Tip Top Cash For Cars, as auto wreckers, buy cars based on their recycling value. The most significant advantage is that you don’t have to worry about the vehicle lying around while you wait for a buyer.

Several factors determine your car’s recycling value, but if you’re interested in learning more, we’ve written an entire blog post.

This is your best alternative if your vehicle does not start, frequently breaks down, or has been totaled in an accident.

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FAQs about Selling a Car Privately in NSW:

Do I need to provide a roadworthy certificate to sell my car privately in NSW?

While a roadworthy certificate is not required, you will need a safety inspection certificate (pink slip) to sell a registered car in NSW.

Do I need to notify the Service NSW of the sale if I’m selling an unregistered car?

Yes, you should still notify the Service NSW of the sale by submitting a Notice of Disposal. This helps protect you from potential future liabilities.
Can I accept payment for the car in installments or via a payment plan?

It’s recommended to receive full payment upfront to avoid complications. Payment plans can be risky and may lead to legal issues.

Am I responsible for providing a warranty when selling a used car privately?

No, private sellers in NSW are generally not required to provide warranties. However, you must accurately represent the car’s condition.

What happens if the buyer has a complaint or wants a refund after the sale?

Private sales are typically “as is.” Ensure that the buyer inspects the car and is aware of its condition before finalizing the sale to avoid post-sale issues.
Is a bill of sale or sales agreement required when selling a car privately in NSW?

While not legally required, it’s a good practice to create a bill of sale or a sales agreement to document the sale details and protect both the buyer and seller in case of disputes.


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