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Why Consider Selling Your Car as Scrap

You have a scrap car sitting in your yard.  What are your options?  Landfills and open plots should be out of the question as toxins and pollutants from your vehicle cause environmental damage.  A wrecking yard is an option, but you will have the inconvenience of towing your vehicle, and often won’t get cash.  This leaves a car removal company.  Car removal companies are the top choice in selling your scrap vehicle today, and for good reason.  But, first let’s consider why you should Sell your Scrap Vehicle to a car removal company.

Selling your scrap vehicle to a car removal company means a more profitable choice compared to other options.  It also means that you won’t have the environmental concerns associated with your vehicle’s disposal.  Yearly, two million vehicles reach the end of their lifespan in the UK.  This is tonnes of metal, rubber and waste fluids that if not disposed of properly become an environmental concern.  Landfills and open plots where car sit each pose the risk of contaminants, pollutants and toxins into our environment.  The decision to dispose of your vehicle in a landfill or open lot is one that is a dangerous decision and one that lacks concern for the environment.  Car removal companies are making a difference in reducing environmental damage through recycling vehicles.

Selling Your Scrap Car

Why Consider a Scrap Car Removal Company? 

When you sell your vehicle to a scrap car removal company, you sell your vehicle to a professional that deals with disposing scrap vehicles and metals daily.  These are companies that must adhere to the safety rules, regulations and laws in disposing of hazardous materials like fluid, liquids and fuel.  These are also service providers that make selling your scrap vehicle profitable and convenient.

When you choose a car removal company, you are choosing a car buyer that offer services that are second to none.  These services include:

  • Cash quotes – When researching companies and obtaining quotes, you will find that some require scheduling an appointment for a vehicle inspection, while others will ask for a thorough description of the vehicle, and then make a cash quote.  These quotes can often be obtained over the phone or on the company’s web page.
  • Cash for cars payments – The ideal of a Cash for Cars company is car buying services that you won’t find elsewhere.  They base their business on quick sales with no hassles, and these hassles include not having to wait around for payment.  Most will make cash payments for your vehicle paid at the time of its removal.
  • Free car removals – When dealing with a local company, you will find that most service providers offer free car removals.  You’ll also find that most offer the car collections at a time of your choice.  For instance, many work after hours, on weekends and during holidays.  Find a company that doesn’t require you take time out of your schedule to fit in selling your vehicle.

Car removal companies also leave you with the satisfaction of knowing you have done your share in helping to protect the environment with its disposal.

What to Look for in A Car Disposal Company? 

There are different things to look for in a car removal company.  Firstly, you want to look for a professional used and junk car buyer that is licenced and insured.  This helps to ensure the reputability of the company.  You also want to look for a company that collects the vehicles to recycle.

Your best choice in choosing a Scrap Car Removal company, aside from suggestions from trusted friends and family members is the Internet.  Businesses that are professionals within the community will have a web page that:

Discloses their physical address and telephone number.  This allows you to contact the company and request an instant cash quote.

A company that discloses their services.  Remember that car removal services are designed for the sheer conveniences they can offer their customers, including:

  • Accepting any make and model of any condition 
  • Cash for cars payments 
  • Free car removals 

If the company does not offer the conveniences, nor has the reputation of a trusted service provider in the community, move onto the next.

How Much Cash Will You Get for Your Scrap Vehicle?  

The amount of cash you receive on your scrap auto will vary.  Many different factors of the auto will be taken into consideration including its metals and weight in steel.  You’ll find that most companies pay $50 to thousands of dollars for scrap vehicles.

What The Company Will Need from You

You will be required to provide your:

  • Title of ownership or scrap certificate 
  • Photo ID 
  • Plates to the vehicle removed 

Scrap car collectors are abundant throughout Australia, and offer a quick and convenient means to sell your scrap car for cash.

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