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What Car Wreckers Do With Your Old Car?

One always wonders what car wrecker companies do with cars that people find unfit to be driven. Car wrecker companies acquire such cars in exchange for money thus creating a win-win situation for both parties. However, it’s intriguing to know what companies Like Tip Top Cash for Cars can actually do with these sorts of cars and make a profit out of it. Let’s see how the Car Wrecking process works:

How To Approach A Car Wrecker Company In Newcastle?

All companies have similar steps and procedure in which they operate. The terms and conditions and other details may differ, but all companies can be approached by filling a form on their website and providing all the necessary details like model of the car, registration number, etc. In case a person wants to contact a company urgent, they can do so via a phone call.
Once all details are given, the company makes an offer and if both parties are in agreement, a tow truck is sent to remove the car, the technician pays the offered cash and bring it to the wrecking yard.

Car Wreckers Company Newcastle

Wrecking Yard Process

Once the car is brought to the wrecking yard, the technical team starts working on it and completes the car wrecking process in the following 4 steps:

1. Preparation:
In this step, the car is made ready for the wrecking process. In a layman’s term, the car is completely emptied of all the fuels, like oil and coolants to avoid any spillage during the rest of the procedure. High pressure systems are depressurized.

2. Wrecking:
The actual wrecking takes place in this step when the car is inspected thoroughly for any parts that can be used again. If there are any parts that can be re-used, they are transported to be stored in the warehouse, so that they can be retrieved with ease when the need be.

3. Recording:
As the word implies, this step is more about the organization of the parts of the cars. Technicians make a record of all the parts removed from the car along with the model of the car and its make. A catalogue is made to ensure all the parts of the car are recorded and can be made available easily.

4. Crushing:
In this step, all the scraps are stacked together and destroyed. This is done to avoid any accidents.
Now is the time when the company makes money by selling the reusable parts to the car companies and the scraps to Salvage Metal Dealers. The reason why companies buy from the Car wrecking companies is that their parts are offered at discounted prices. So if you need to us at Tip Top Cash for Cars to get your car off your hands then call us now on 0487 002 222 to arrange your Free Car Removal service.

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