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The 6 Best Ways to Sell Your Car

Selling an old car can be a real pain in the neck. Finding genuine buyers is hard. Tip Top Cash for Cars buys old cars, then fixes and re-sells them. Got a car- we’ll give you cash for it.

We buy cars – no matter what condition they’re in

Your car could be past its ‘use-by-date.’ It may have been damaged irreparably in an accident. Your insurance company may have written it off completely. It may be unregistered. It may lack a Pink Slip or a Green Slip. It may be roadworthy or unroadworthy. We’re still interested in it and will take it.

Tip Top Cash for Cars is a scrap car dealer

We’re comfortable with scrap cars – we make a living from them. If you have a car that won’t run or work, maybe it’s time to pass it to us.
What we do with old cars we buy from you? We strip them of their parts (in an eco-friendly way), drain them of oil and sump – then resell them to car parts or Scrap Metal Recyclers across Australia.

Sell your car faster using these 6 proven techniques


1.Wash and wax your car before you attempt to sell it.

A car that looks good will always sell better than a car that doesn’t. Care yards wash and wax their vehicles regularly – they know what sells. Good looks do.

2.Make sure your interiors are as clean as your exteriors.

Vacuum the insides of your car. Get rid of , soiled nappies- they must go! Clean the seats – steam clean them if you must to get rid of stains – if you wish to get rid of your car.

3.Park your car in places where it’s likely to get sold.

Let’s say, you want $1500 for your car. It’s a little car that’ll make a great first car for a new driver. So, a good idea would be to drive it to Sydney University and park your car there with a sign that advertises your desired price and contact number.

When you park your car in the parking lot, make sure you clearly display the price you want for your car plus your mobile phone number prominently.

4.Consider online groups – you’ll find many on Facebook

You can hate Facebook, you can’t, however, ignore it. It is here to stay. Facebook groups are great avenues to sell your car without incurring any cost to do so.

5.Consider Car Yards – Sydney has no shortage of them

Found all along Parramatta’s Great Western Highway – some car yards may buy your car off you. Most will require you to exchange your old car for a new one, however.

6.Consider Scrap Car or cash for Car dealers – Tip Top Cash for Cars is one of them

They specialise in buying cars that are wrecked, lack rego or pink slip or that have been damaged in accidents or written off by insurance companies. Tip Top Cash for Cars offers its customers a reasonable price for their cars. With Free Accident Car Removal as part of the deal, getting rid of your damaged or scrap car is now quite easy.

Got a car you don’t need any more?

We’d be happy to take it off your hands. If you’d like us to do that, please call us now at Tip Top Cash for Cars on 0487 002 222 and we’ll be over to your place to pick it up – in a jiffy!

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    This is a great service … tried a couple of different small companies and received no prompt replies. With Tip Top Cash For Cars Newcastle it’s a Very smooth, no hassles. Much better way to get rid of the car same day!

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