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How To Sell A Car Quickly In 3 Simple Steps

When you have an old car, the best thing you can do is sell it. Why? Cars are depreciating, not an appreciating asset. So, the longer you keep a car, the more money you’re going to lose on it.

When should you sell an old car?

You should sell your old car when its cost outweighs its benefits. Let’s say, your car is breaking down every week. Well, you have to factor in not just the cost of repairs but also the time you spend taking the car to the garage. It’s time that may be more profitable spending elsewhere.

Can you get cash for an old car that’s giving you more trouble than its worth?

Yes. Cash for car merchants and Car Removal companies will buy your old car off you- no matter what condition it’s in. Cash for car dealers doesn’t worry about a car’s make or model. They will give you cash for it anyway.

As scrap car dealers, their whole business is based on buying cars that have passed their ‘use-by’ date. Once they, buy these cars, they strip them of their engines, fan belts, and other working parts. They then sell the metal body as scrap.

Sell Your Car At Newcastle

What if your car is newish or under 10 years old?

Cash for car dealer will give you a higher price for it. This price could be as high as $9999. Maybe, you bought your car in the heat of the moment. Maybe you lost your income, and your car is likely to be repossessed. Maybe you are behind with your rental payments. In each of these cases, cash for Car dealer or scrap car merchant will be the best person you can sell your car to – quickly, speedily, efficiently – with minimum hassle to yourself, or the ones around you.

Three simple steps that should net you cash for your car – regardless of its condition or age:

  1. Go to Google on your mobile phone or laptop and enter ‘Cash for Car dealers in Newcastle’ or ‘Cash for Car Scrap Merchants in Newcastle’. You will get a list of cash for car dealers (or scrap car dealers as they are also referred to).
  2. Click on any of the first few links you see on the page – all the cash for car dealers on page one of Google should be trustworthy and safe for you to sell your car. When we say safe, we mean, they will not take you for a ride. They will give you the cash they have agreed to with no fuss whatsoever. Good cash for car dealers will pay you cash for your car the moment they finish the Final Inspection on it.
  3. Call the dealer you feel most comfortable selling your car to – cash for car dealers are a very ‘chilled’ lot. They buy and sell cars – daily, for a living. Friendly and polite – they are easy to talk to and do business with.

What makes cash for car dealers good people to sell your car to?

  1. They are quick with quotes – they will give them to you over the phone itself
  2. They are efficient with the process – they will help you with Vehicle Transfer Forms
  3. They are prompt with payments – they pay you cash before they tow your vehicle away

Tip Top Cash for Car Newcastle is licensed Cash for Car dealer

The company offers its clients a safe way to sell old cars, vans, SUV’s and even trucks for cash on the spot. If you have an old car you’d like to get rid, do consider giving them a call. Tip Top Cash for Car operates in Newcastle, Maitland, Woy woy and Gosford. Cash for Car, and scrap car dealer,

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