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The Many Benefits of Recycling Vehicles in Newcastle

The number one dream of the automobile recycling industry is to mine automobile components for reuse and to recycle the valuable materials into specification-grade commodities. These could be used in the manufacturing process of new primary materials along with steel, aluminum, plastic, copper, and brass. The automobile is the most recycled patron product inside the world. But have you ever wondered why it’s so vital and profitable business? Why do we need to crush cars?

Recycling Vehicles Newcastle

The obvious motive appears that we do that to save space for newer vehicles. But there are plenty more reasons behind the thriving auto recycling industry.

  1. Recycling metal alone saves more than eight million tons of raw material – mainly iron and coal – that might be used to make new metal. Every ton of newly made steel from scrap metal conserves:
  • 2,500 lbs. of iron ore
  • 1,400 lbs. of coal
  • 120 lbs. of limestone
  1. Aluminum wheel recycling could save 1.71 billion kilowatt-hours of energy that might be needed to make new wheels from virgin aluminum. Auto recycling extracts 24 million gallons of motor oil a year that is reprocessed so that it doesn’t take space in landfills. Steel, aluminum and iron are the three main metals extracted from metal scrapping
  1. Scrap metal recycling utilizes less energy and is more efficient than extracting and refining raw metals through traditional mining techniques.
  1. Mining calls for massive inputs of fossil fuels, which we want to preserve!
  1. Scrap automobile recycling frees up landfill space, encouraging more efficient land uses.
  1. Australian Automobile Recycling Industry offers new jobs employment.
  1. For customers and users, this business model has benefit for them too by means of paying them for their junk.
  1. CO2 is thought to make contributions to global warming by intensifying the amount of heat retained by the ecosystem. Given the approximately 12.6 million motors recycled each 12 months by means of the vehicle recycling enterprise, greenhouse gas emissions are decreased with the aid of over 30 million metric tons per year.
  1. Automakers are operating with industry companions to eliminate away the remaining hint amounts of mercury in vehicles.

It is important to remember that we can do our part by selling our vehicles in any form be it used, junk or salvaged to automobile recycling industries to minimise the environmental impact and even make some money during the process. But before you sell your vehicle, verify that the dealer is licensed and follows eco-friendly standards to Get Rid of Your Car.

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