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How to Find a Buyer for Your Unwanted Car Newcastle

If you have a vehicle that you have been trying to sell and have had no luck, or you have a vehicle that you don’t want to go through all the hassles of selling, there is a way to find an immediate buyer.  While the sound of an immediate buyer may sound too good to be true, it is not.  Cash for car companies like Quick Car Removal will buy your vehicle the same day you request a cash quote.  If you are new to car removal companies, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Find Buyer For Unwanted Car

How Car Removal Companies Work 

Car removal companies operate on a simple concept.  You want to get rid of your unwanted car, and they want to buy it.  While they are professional car buyers and wreckers, you do have to be careful in your selection of a company as there are illegitimate companies out there. And, while they may sound like they are the best deal, you want to ensure that they are established in the community and licensed and insured auto buyers in Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Region.

Cash for car companies operate like this: 

  1.  You have a vehicle that you want to sell.  You call the company and provide the company with all the specifics about your vehicle.  They will then offer you a cash offer based on the various factors of your vehicle.
  2.  Should you accept the offer, they will then schedule a vehicle inspection and remove.

Not all companies operate in the same manner.  Some may require that you bring the vehicle to them prior to obtaining a cash offer.  Others may charge for a car removal.  Tip Top Cash for Cars offers instant cash offers over the phone and car collections in Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Region at no cost.  Some may also require that you want on payment, while others cash for cars companies like us will pay instant cash on the spot.

There are different things that you need to look for in a car removal company.  Firstly, it is important for you to understand that if you are selling a near mint condition newer vehicle, then you’ll want to sell the vehicle to a car removal company that also buys used vehicles as they will offer a higher price for the vehicle.  If you are selling a scrap vehicle, you’ll want to sell the vehicle to a company that specialises in scrap car recycling. The company should be one that is a licensed wrecker as they will have the knowledge of the different factors and car recycling standards to offer a better price on your vehicle.

It is also important to deal with a reputable car buyer.  When you are researching the various Car Removal Companies (and you should research), you will want to look for companies that:

  1.  The company should be fully licensed, bonded and insured as a Newcastle, Central Coast & Hunter Region auto buyer and wrecker.
  2.  The company should have a web page that they offer all their information that includes their physical address and phone number.  If they do not have their physical address listed, then move on to another removal company.
  3.  The company should disclose their services.  You should look for a company that offers cash for cars and free car removals.

You will find that not all services are the same.  Some may require a car collection during working hours, while others may offer 24 hour car removals.  You will find a company that offers the specific service you require.

For scrap and accident vehicles that no longer run, a company will recycle the vehicle to reuse and resell the parts, metals and steel of the vehicle.  You’ll find that most car removal companies offer eco-friendly car recycling that implements the green principles of auto recycling by recycling nearly the entire vehicle.  This is done by removing the parts and recycling any precious metals, as well as reconditioning the parts and then crushing the steel of the vehicle.  It is a concept that protects the environment and one that offers vehicle owners the best value on their unwanted car.

To get your vehicle sold today, give Tip Top Cash for Cars Newcastle a call at the number below.  We are your car buyer that specialises in used car buying and wrecking.

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